Dinosaur! : dinosaurs and other amazing prehistoric creatures as you've never seen them before /

Journey back to the Mesozoic Era, when fearsome dinosaurs roamed the land, menacing pterosaurs patrolled the skies, and the seas were filled with awesome reptiles. Find out how these creatures lived, why they died out, and what their fossil traces tell us.

Detaylı Bibliyografya
Yazar: Woodward, John, 1954-
Kurumsal yazarlar: Smithsonian Books (Publisher), DK Publishing, Inc.
Diğer Yazarlar: Minister, Peter, (İllüstratör), Lewis, Arran, (İllüstratör), Kerr, Andrew (İllüstratör), Bull, Peter, 1960- (İllüstratör), Konstantinov, Vlad, (İllüstratör), Kuether, James, (İllüstratör)
Materyal Türü: Kitap
Baskı/Yayın Bilgisi: New York, New York : DK Publishing, 2019.
Edisyon:This American edition, revised and updated new edition.
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