List of Coronation Street characters (2002)

Hazel Wilding first appears on 23 January 2002 when cab driver Vikram Desai (Chris Bisson) picks up her from an upmarket suburb. Immediately, Hazel flirts heavily with Vikram and she then requests his services more frequently. It is not long before Hazel seduces Vikram at a hotel wearing lingerie and bearing a bottle of champagne. In February 2002, Vikram is shocked to discover that Hazel is married and feels that things between them have become too complicated. He then keeps a distance from her by sending other drivers when she requests his cab.

It is not long before Vikram resumes his secret affair with Hazel as she gives him a gold bracelet for his birthday and he dumps girlfriend Bobbi Lewis for Hazel. When Les Battersby (Bruce Jones) comes to collect Hazel one day, he is very suggestive and she slaps him. She demands to know what Vikram has told his staff at the office about her. Vikram is livid with Les and confides in his cousin Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) that he has fallen in love with Hazel. When Hazel's husband John discovers the affair, he threatens Vikram to stay away from his wife. Hazel later makes it clear to Vikram that she will not leave John for him, and after several threats from John, Hazel tells Vikram that she was in on his plan all along. Provided by Wikipedia