Amie Doherty

Amie Doherty is an Irish composer, conductor, and orchestrator for film and television. She is the first woman to score an animated feature for DreamWorks.

Her most prominent works were for ''Spirit Untamed'' (2021), Undone (2019), ''Here and Now'' (2018), ''Love You to Death'' (2019), ''The High Note'' (2020), ''Battle at Big Rock'' (2019), ''Happiest Season'' (2020), ''She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'' (2022), and ''Blue Eye Samurai'' (2023).

In addition to her composing work, she has orchestrated and conducted music for numerous TV series including ''Star Trek: Discovery'', ''Star Trek: Picard'', ''Fargo'', ''The Umbrella Academy'', and ''Altered Carbon''; and for musicians including Lady Gaga and 50 Cent. Provided by Wikipedia
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