Eddie Deezen

Deezen at Chiller Theatre Expo in [[Parsippany, New Jersey]], in 2012 Edward Deezen is an American actor and comedian, best known for his roles as "nerd" characters in films including ''Grease'', ''Grease 2'', ''Midnight Madness'', ''I Wanna Hold Your Hand'', ''1941'', and ''WarGames''. He has had larger starring roles in independent films such as ''Surf II'', ''Mob Boss'', ''Beverly Hills Vamp'', and ''Teenage Exorcist''.

Deezen is also a prolific voice actor, whose more notable characters include Mandark in the Cartoon Network series ''Dexter's Laboratory'', Snipes the Magpie in ''Rock-a-Doodle'', Ned in ''Kim Possible'', and the Know-It-All Kid in ''The Polar Express''. Provided by Wikipedia
Published 2005
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