Conrad Veidt

Veidt in 1941 Hans Walter Conrad Veidt (; 22 January 1893 – 3 April 1943) was a German-British actor. He attracted early attention for his roles in the films ''Different from the Others'' (1919), ''The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'' (1920), and ''The Man Who Laughs'' (1928). After a successful career in German silent films, where he was one of the best-paid stars of UFA, Veidt and his new Jewish wife Ilona Prager left Germany in 1933 after the Nazis came to power. The couple settled in Britain, where he took citizenship in 1939. Veidt subsequently appeared in many British films, including ''The Thief of Bagdad'' (1940). After immigrating to the United States around 1941, he was cast as Major Strasser in ''Casablanca'' (1942), his last film role to be released during his lifetime. Provided by Wikipedia
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Other Authors: ...Veidt, Conrad, 1893-1943,...
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Other Authors: ...Veidt, Conrad, 1893-1943....
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