Sydney Greenstreet

Greenstreet in NBC radio's ''[[The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe]]'' (1950) Sydney Hughes Greenstreet (December 27, 1879 – January 18, 1954) was a British and American actor. While he did not begin his career in films until the age of 61, he had a run of significant motion pictures in a Hollywood career lasting through the 1940s. He is best remembered for the three Warner Bros. films - ''The Maltese Falcon'' (1941), ''Casablanca'' (1942), and ''Passage to Marseille'' (1944) - with both Humphrey Bogart (5 films total with Greenstreet) and Peter Lorre (9 films with Greenstreet, 3 of which were also with Bogart). He portrayed Nero Wolfe on radio during 1950 and 1951. He became an American citizen in 1925. Provided by Wikipedia
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