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Lists of recommended books for various occasions and audiences —
You can also request a personalized list prepared by JMRL Children's staff.
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  1. Fandom and Geek Culture
    Titles featuring fanfic, hacking, video games, fan art, comics, TV fandom and more.

  2. Mental Health in Young Adult Literature
    Books with characters who experience anxiety, depression, self-harm, OCD, ADHD, eating disorders, and more.

  3. African American Authors
    A sample of YA books by African American authors

  4. Read Local: Virginia Authors For Teens
    This list is a compilation of authors who live in the state of Virginia and write for teens.

  5. Cozy Reads for Teens
    A mug of cocoa for your heart!

  6. YA Pacific Asian American Heritage
    Books with Pacific-Asian American characters or themes.

  7. Humorous Teen Fiction
    It feels great to sink into a good book—and even better when that book can elicit some laughs. These books feature different kinds of humor including dark humor, hyperbole/exaggeration, sarcasm, satire, surprise, irony and pun.

  8. Mystery/Thriller Books for Teens

  9. Star Wars Picks for Teens
    Lovers of all things Star Wars Reads in the teen section of the library. We combined a selection of graphic novels and fiction for your enjoyment.

  10. Quick Reads for Teens
    Sometimes you just need a quick read - a short book that you can pick up and polish off fast.

  11. Ready for YA? Staff Picks for Younger Readers
    Books for those transitioning from the Children's to the Young Adult collection.

  12. Dystopian Fiction for Teens

  13. Teen Services Staff Picks
    Favorites by JMRL Teen Services Staff

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