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Lists of recommended books for various occasions and audiences —
You can also request a personalized list prepared by JMRL Children's staff.
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  1. Back to School Picture Books

  2. Chapter Books for Slytherins
    Slytherins may enjoy these tales of darkness, pride, cunning, and ambition.

  3. Chapter Books for Hufflepuffs
    Hufflepuffs may enjoy these tales of hard work, loyalty, and fairplay.

  4. Chapter Books for Ravenclaws
    Ravenclaws may enjoy these tales of wit, wisdom, and learning.

  5. Chapter Books for Gryffindors
    Gryffindors may enjoy these stories of adventure, bravery, and determination.

  6. Chillers
    Spooky chapter books.

  7. Mysteries Grades 2-3
    Chapter mysteries for younger readers.

  8. Mysteries Grades 4-6
    Chapter mysteries for older readers.

  9. Black American Chapter Books

  10. Immigrants & Refugees (Younger Readers)
    Picture Books starring immigrant and refugee travelers around the world.

  11. Immigrants & Refugees (Older Readers)
    Books starring immigrants and refugees in their travels across the world.

  12. Picture books about People with Disabilities
    Picture Books starring characters with disabilities.

  13. Chapter Stories About People with Disabilities
    Chapter books starring characters with disabilities.

  14. Indigenous Heroes and Heroines
    Books starring indigenous characters.

  15. Funny Picture Books to make you LOL
    Favorite funny picture books chosen by Central Children's Staff

  16. Staff Suggestions for Grades 3 and 4

  17. Staff Suggestions for Grades K-2

  18. Staff Suggestions for Ages 3-5
    Recommendations for Ages 3-5.

  19. Celebrating Pride (Older Readers)
    LGBTQ+ themed books for older readers

  20. Step-Up Books (Ages 6-8)
    Easier chapter books that feature larger fonts and more pictures.

  21. Step-Up Books (Series)
    Easier chapter books that feature larger fonts and more pictures.

  22. Celebrating Pride (Younger Readers)
    LGBTQ+ themed books for younger readers

  23. Black American Picture Books
    Picture books featuring Black American characters and stories

  24. Books for Babies & Toddlers
    Board and picture books for babies and toddlers

  25. Grief Picture Books
    Picture Books about grief that can be used to start conversations.

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